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Strength and Conditioning 30/11-20


Close grip bench press

6-5-4-3-2-1 reps

bygg vikten över set

Gorilla rows

12 x 6set

så tungt som möjligt


20min amrap

16 burpee box jump

16 wall balls

16 push ups

24 'kb swings

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Dagens Workout

5set Deedlift 4reps ( ca 75-90% Dumbbell squat 10reps 2min amrap vila 1 min x 5set 5 Deadlift 15 wall balls Amrap Dumbbell hang power snatch

Dagens Workout

5varv på tid 20 pull up / jumping pull up 30 push ups 40 sit ups 50 squat vila 2min time cap 37min

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